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  • There are two good hospitals in Chengdu, China

    Chengdu the capital of Sichuan province is a People's Republic of China. The city is located in the southwest of China and an important economic, transportation and communication center for […]

  • The importance of Import and Export

    No matter how rich a country is, how big or small it is, no nation self-sufficient. There will never be completely independent of the other, and everything you need. Every […]

  • across China, Tibet, Xinjiang, in Turfan to ramp down – Heaven Lake by Vikram Seth

    Seemingly sky lake with a guide. The description is apt, and limiting both. It is worth musing on the idea that travel can be only one way to pool the […]

  • Can Macartney mission to China in 1793 did it go?

    The debate on the question, why could not easily become reductive Macartney in 1793 by an overemphasis on the cringe Macartney did not meet the standards of Chinese ritual. However, […]

  • The best hospitals in Dongguan, China

    Dongguan is located in the Pearl River Delta and one of the most important city of China . The four districts of the capital has become the most important international […]

  • China's renminbi – the currency of the problems

    Introduction to Case Study: This case presents the basics of monetary economics and presentation of the practical applications of monetary policy and the exchange rate to apply business decisions. Supported […]

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