There are two good hospitals in Chengdu, China

Chengdu the capital of Sichuan province is a People's Republic of China. The city is located in the southwest of China and an important economic, transportation and communication center for the country. This urban center is considered one of the best investment cities in China. Chengdu many tourist hot spots, and often referred to as China's "party town". China's economic growth reflects the significant health and Chengdu is no exception. Chengdu many well-equipped hospitals and some of them are VIP wards of modern facilities and English-speaking staff. This article is a brief overview of some of the better hospitals in Chengdu.

Chengdu Parkway Health Medical Center major health facility in the city, modern international medical service standards and this hotel is No. 1 People's Hospital in Chengdu, Xiang Wan 18 North Road, Fan Xiong Boulevard, Chengdu . This famous private hospital operated by Parkway Group, the largest and most respected healthcare providers in Asia. Parkway Group company based in Singapore and owns 16 hospitals and more than 45 International Patient Assistance Center (PPACA) across Asia, Europe and the Middle East. Parkway Group has a number of global awards, including the Asian Hospital Management Award in health care management and quality of service. The Chengdu center cooperates with many well-known Chinese medical facilities, such as Huashan Hospital of Fudan University.The hospital with the best medical services in all field of medicine including sports and travel medicine. In addition there are a house full departments devoted to acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. Effective treatment for asthma, diabetes and anxiety are also available.The hospital employs more than 80 internationally qualified doctors and additional bilingual staff will provide the best treatment and personal care to patients. The class E Parkway Medical Center surgical operating rooms are spacious and conducts all types of operations. The 24-hour laboratory, pharmacy and ICU are sufficiently equipped with the necessary equipment and technology. The departments of the hospital technologically advanced, as the house model, X-ray, CT, MRI, and much more. The emergency unit with all necessary assistance to meet the needs of patients in various emergency situations. The hospital is very popular among tourists and luxurious accommodation in a pleasant environment. Direct billing secured international insurance groups. Tel: + 86 13981813909

Chengdu Global Doctors Clinic is situated at No.62 Kehua North Road, Lippo Tower, Section S, 11/09, Chengdu, next to the US and German consulates. Global physicians major international healthcare facility that handles many of the premier hospitals and emergency support services globally. The clients of the hospital workers include international companies such as Siemens, Intel, Nokia and many international consulates. Global Doctor is associated with the prestigious International Assistance Group (IAG), and all major insurance and assistance companies. The hospital's excellent medical care in various branches of medicine, including dental care, and remains a favorite choice for expatriates and tourists for over 10 years. Doctors carried out at the hospital and the dedicated staff to assist and is equipped with the latest equipment and many new pieces of equipment. Service in English, Chinese and Japanese speaking staff is also available. Customers are provided with consultation, pre-natal and prenatal care, immunizations, emergency care and laboratory tests. The center will provide housing, hotel visits, hospital referrals and through VIP Services' Department of Hospital Network ". Global clinic, emergency department physicians Chengdu has a unique 24-hour Alarm Center, which provides services such as medical transfers ambulance, helicopter or airplane, medical and pharmaceutical assistance and medical repatriation. Tel: + 86-028-85283638

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