There are two excellent hospitals in Changchun, China

Changchun, located in northern China, the capital and largest city of Jilin province. It is an important industrial, transport, tourism and cultural center of this part of China, and home to the largest automaker in the country, FAW. The city's mild climate and is often called the Forest City, the spring city and town cars and movies. Like all other major cities in China, Changchun also has a well-developed health service sector. Leading hospitals are provided with the latest amenities and superior service at affordable rates for doctors. This is a summary of some well-known hospitals in Changchun.

China-Japan Union Hospital is located 126 Xiantai Street Development Zone in Changchun is a huge, state-owned, modern hospital bed in 1550. The hospital was founded in 1949. This higher level of hospital management and the Ministry of Health was the first hospital in the province. This advanced hospital area of ​​201 900 square meters and a construction area of ​​134 400 square meters. The hospital employs 1501 people. There are 274 senior health staff, including 80 professors and 156 associate professors. The Japanese government invested 2.6 billion yen a risk and it is therefore also called the China-Japan Friendship Hospital. This service-oriented hospital places great emphasis on modern technology, high quality and endorsed the "Baby Friendly Hospital" WHO, UNICEF and the National Drug Clinical Research Center of the Chinese government. All major departments and the centers full of rare specialties, rheumatology, hematology, infectious diseases, valued in traditional Chinese medicine, nuclear medicine and electrical diagnosis.

First Clinical Hospital of Jilin University, another leading hospital in the country and the No 71, Xinmin Street Changchun, close to the beautiful Chaoyang Park. The hospital's 1100-capacity main hospital bed capacity of 350 and a subsidiary hospital treats both the Ministry of Public Health. This advanced hospital with a 72 650 m2 area has a glorious history of 61 years. The hospital employs 1855 staff, including 113 professors and 232 consultants. The spacious, outpatient, which manages more than 1.52 million people each year. The center received 35 awards given by the National Science and Technology Progress and provincial governments over the past decade.

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