The best hospitals in Dongguan, China

Dongguan is located in the Pearl River Delta and one of the most important city of China . The four districts of the capital has become the most important international industrial and economic center, attracting huge foreign direct investment. It is a city with a mild climate and long coastline and is known for its seafood varieties.

A look at the city's medical institutions, it is clear that entrepreneurship is not limited to the industrial and economic development. Although the city has many well-equipped hospitals, major medical centers also provide services with English-speaking staff. The following description of the two leading hospitals.

Dongguan City People's Hospital (Red Hospital) found 88 Tong sand Wan Cheng Bei Yu, was established in 1888 as the Chinese Rhenish Church before receiving numerous changes Lifeline Hospital and witnessed today name in 1988. Investors poured a large amount of capital for the modernization of the hospital. As a result, the medical center has become the world's largest integrated health care facility in the region. This patient-centered hospital is located in a beautiful area, decorated with beautiful gardens and immaculate lawns. It employs a large, knowledgeable staff; 1500 inpatient beds and contemporary and holistic quality health care for all medical specialties. Dongguan City People's Hospital reached a respectable three A-level assessment of the Ministry of Health and provincial awards in the civilized Hospital Award and the Special Award for Health Unit.

The patient is established in 1930, is well organized and special acupuncture, massage and treatment rooms ECG. many specialties of surgery, division assisting well-equipped units. There are 15 advanced operating rooms and laminar flow of imported equipment, all manufactured by global companies. The center is particularly well-known variety of advanced heart transplant surgery, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy and arthroscopy. The advanced emergency department waiting for emergency surgery, observation room, pediatric infusion unit area, the various emergency inspections, emergency services and state-of-the-art equipment. 50 managed by experienced professionals of this department 24 hours a day. Other recognized groups making use of advanced medical equipment, including ICU, radiology and ultrasound. Tel: 22,223,412th

Global Doctor Dongguan Clinic is another benefit foreign dignitaries and visitors to the hospital. This clinic lives in No. 30 IEO International Dynatown block. Established in 2005 and owned by Doctor Global, a recognized global provider of healthcare and emergency assistance, medical devices provide comprehensive medical care to all major specialties, including family medicine, dentistry and acupuncture. It employs experienced foreign doctors and English speaking staff. Medical consultations are available in different languages ​​such as English, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

The center also offers round-the-clock medical advice, home services, pre- and post-natal care and also conducts several annual occupational health and medical programs. The Dongguan Clinic offers services in all major areas of surgical and pharmaceutical, laboratory and X-ray support. This excellent emergency services through the Global Response Center in Beijing offers Doctor referrals, medical evacuation and repatriation. This hospital is an international association of insurance companies, and a member of the prestigious International Assistance Group (IAG). Telelphone: 22,030,011th

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